In my work I explore the nature of continuous change, drawing inspiration from the effects of time and the elements on buildings, people and the natural world. I’m fascinated by how the present state of people, places and things—faded flaking paint, lichen on rock, lined faces, half-demolished overgrown buildings—hold clues to both the subject’s past and future.

Several years ago I discovered the combination of oil paint and cold wax medium, a mixture of bee’s wax and resin. The combination is perfect for adding multiple translucent and opaque layers that add depth and mystery.

Some of my pieces have only a few layers, others 20 or more. I make marks, add, subtract, scratch into surfaces, sand, gouge and pour to reveal glimpses of the history of both the subject matter and the painting itself—what lies beneath. It’s both the intentional effects and unintended discoveries that keep me interested in the process of making art, and hopefully draw the viewer in.